Our sailing adventure in Prince William Sound was soon coming to an end. We were heading back to Whittier after six days at sea experiencing everything from roaming glaciers to temperate rain forest. I was a bit emotional about our days in Prince William Sound being over. This had been one of the best experiences in my life and had exceeded all my expectations. On the other hand our travel in Alaska was not over. Our next destination was the Kenai Peninsula, the home of fishing, black bears and eagles. And off course, you can’t avoid getting some hands on fishing experience going to the world’s most famous fishing playground. Follow our blog posts to see bragging pictures of me landing a 15 pound silver.

As we came closer to Whittier it felt appropriate for the Dall’s Porpoise to give us their farewell, until next time.

If you missed out on any of our Prince William Sound posts, or are new on this blog (welcome!), here’s a recap.

4. Our first tidewater glacier

5. Kayaking under a roaming glacier

6. Hiking on a field of blueberries

7. Where the sea lions roam

8. A sea of starfish

9. Tasting Salmon Berries

10.Try catch that salmon with you hands

11.Meeting playful sea otters

12.Exploring the remnants of a gold mine

Prince William Sound Map

Whittier Harbour

Thank you so much for following our Prince William Sound adventure, I have sincerely appreciated all the feedback and comments you have provided. Please keep the comments coming, I love hearing what you think.

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