West Thumb Geyser Basin is a thermal area modest in size and does not have the largest hot springs or geysers in Yellowstone National Park. But don’t let that talk against it, with its idyllic location on the shore of Yellowstone Lake it is well worth a visit. So much that we went twice, but more about that later.

Geyser Yellowstone Lake

West Thumb is, as the name indicates, located on the west side of Yellowstone Lake and is actually a caldera within the larger Yellowstone Lake caldera. The two most prominent features in my opinion is Black Pool and The Fishing Cone.

Hot Spring Yellowstone Lake

The name might be deceiving as Black Pool is clear blue and by many considered the most beautiful hot spring in Yellowstone. It used to be much darker, but with time the temperature has increased killing the bacteria that created the darker colour. I think I am ok with that as I love the clear blue, turquoise colour is it currently possessing. With the lake and mountains in the background is makes quite a view.

Elk walking on hot spring

There is also a high change of seeing elk in this area, especially in fall. We heard many of them bugling in the forest, and a couple of them were walking around on the basin not taking any notice of the warning signs!

Hot spring Yellowstone Lake

The Fishing Cone I would highly recommend visiting in the morning at sunrise, as that is a spectacular view. I will cover the early moring visit to Fishing Cone later as that deserves a separate post.

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