Senja is Norway’s second largest island, located just north of the more famous Lofoten Islands. Senja Island is just as spectacular as Lofoten Islands, but far less traveled.

We wanted stunning vistas of fjords, fishing villages and surrounding peaks, but not the crowds. So we chose Senja this summer, and what a great choice it was. It is paradise for mountain hikers.

If you are ready for steep climbs and stunning views this is the destination for you. We did many hikes on the island and here are the 3 hikes we would recommend.

Husfjellet (Medium difficulty – 7.6 km – 3 to 4 hours)

The village of Skaland hosts the trailhead to Husfjellet. The hike is considered moderate with its 630 meters elevation gain as the climb is gradual. There are no exposed areas along the trail (before you get to the top) and many families will chose this hike.

Once you clear the tree line you have spectacular views of the fjord the rest of the hike. Husfjellet offers view of mountain peaks of Oksen, Ersfjorden and Steinfjorden.

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Segla / Hesten (Medium difficulty – 3.7 km – 2 to 3 hours)

The famous view of Segla you find all over social media these days is taken from neighbour mountain Hesten. Hiking trailheads for both Segla and Hesten starts in Fjordgård, but slightly different locations. The trail to Hesten is short (less than 2 km to the top), but steep with an elevation gain of 520 meters.

Once you get to the top it can feel quite exposed, but you can easily stay away from the cliff. You will have an excellent view of Segla and Mefjorden. This hike is likely the most popular on Senja, so don’t expect to be alone.

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Grytetippen / Keipen (Demanding – 6.8 km – 3 to 7 hours)

Grytetippen is without doubt more demanding than Husfjellet and Segla/Hesten. However among the locals this is one of the favourite hikes. Views are magnificent and you will avoid the crowds.

The hike should be considered demanding as it is fairly steep from start to end with 820 meters elevation gain. The last section is especially steep and a few sections could be defined as a ‘light scramble’. Once you get to the top you will look down at Fjordgård and Segla. You will also have great views of Ørnfjorden and Husøy. For the ones feeling extra sporty – continue on to Keipen.

Trailhead starts from parking along the road next to Mefjordvatnan lake. Should this be full second option is the parking lot on the exit towards Fjordgård just before Ørnfjortunnelen.

Detailed description and map (link will take you to

Happy hiking!