Yellowstone is where I first heard about thermophiles. Thermophiles are heat tolerant organisms that lives in the hot springs. Various groups of thermophiles flourish at different temperature ranges. What is amazing is the explosion of colors they create – just take a look at Grand Prismatic.

Thermal feature colourful Yellowstone

The best view of Grand Prismatic is not from the walkways around the hot spring, it is from the closest nearby hill. Looking from above you can truly appreciate the size and the colors.

To get to the hill you’ll need to pack your hiking boots because this is not an official trail in the park and there will be no wooden walkways to follow. Use the parking lot about 1.5 kilometers south of the Midway Geyser Basin and cross bridge over the Firehole River.

Thermal feature colorful Yellowstone

Thermal feature colourful Yellowstone

Photo tips: Use a polarizing filter on your lens to reduce reflections on the hot spring surface and add vividness to the colors.

Yellowstone Bison walking on thermal feature

If you want to make a full day of it I recommend continuing the hike to Fairy Falls after you have your classical Grand Prismatic photo secured. More to come about Fairy Falls in my next post.


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