Prince William Sound, Alaska We have spent out first night in a secluded bay in Prince William Sound and this morning I am waking up to the movement of the boat and the sound of water. Looking out the porthole in our cabin all I can see is fog, but when I get up on deck a spectacular view meet me. The fjord is calm with blue sky over the low laying fog. In the far distance I can glimpse what looks like a tidewater glacier. While we move towards the glacier we have a delicious breakfast and a cup of coffee enjoying the view, looking forward to what waits head of us. A day amongst the icebergs under Harvard Glacier in kayak.

Alaska Prince William SoundThe morning fog is about to lift 

Alaska Prince William SoundAn amazing landscape reveals as we get closer to the glacier 

Alaska Prince William SoundCalving from the glacier (wish you could hear it roaming!)

Alaska Prince William SoundThe Captain has dropped the anchor in front of Harvard Glacier

When we get closer to Harvard Glacier the the Captain drops the anchor and we enjoy the view and watch the glacier calf for a while. This glacier is more active then the one we visited yesterday evening and there is constantly smaller and some larger pieces coming off. Very exciting to listen to glacier calf as the sound when it happens is quite dramatic, much louder than I would ever have anticipated. Discovery is completely surrounded by small pieces of ice that has come off the glacier.

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After studying the glacier for a while we are eager to get into the kayaks that Discovery carries with it. The crew set the skiff on water and we use the skiff to get in and out of the kayaks. Our first time in Alaskan waters, what an exciting moment!

Alaska Prince William SoundThe kayaks are sitting on the roof of the wheelhouse

Alaska Prince William SoundWe are all offloaded and ready to go

Alaska Prince William SoundOur tandem kayak is completely surrounded by icebergs 

Alaska Prince William SoundKayaking in front of Harvard Glacier 

Check out this 30 second video clip from kayaking in College Fjord:

After spending some time along Harvard Glacier we set course towards Smith Glacier and Bryn Mawr Glacier which is a bit further out College Fjord. Discovery had sailed ahead of us and was now waiting for us just below Bryn Mawr Glacier. Once onboard Discovery the captain set course out of College Fjord and we enjoy a savoury lunch with an amazing scenery while we are heading towards our next Prince William Sound adventure.

Alaska Prince William SoundKayaking past Smith Glacier

Alaska Sea OttersThese adorable sea otters are laying on their back also enjoying a meal as we are heading out of College Fjord

The map below shows the locations of our adventures in Prince William Sound, we are currently on post 5 ‘Kayaking under a roaming glacier’. If you missed out on any of the previous post check out ‘Our Alaska Adventure: Denali to Kenai’ for an overview.

Prince William Sound Map

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