Anchorage, Alaska I woke up with a smile looking forward to the day ahead of us. We were going from Anchorage to Whittier where we would board a small passenger boat and spend the next 5 days exploring Price William Sound. Can it get any better than that?

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Prince William Sound

We will be seeing a lot of this the next five days. If you look carefully you can see harbour seals on the ice flakes just under Cox glacier. 

Even the heavy rain could not kill my good mood this day, I was so excited! We had tidewater glaciers, whale watching, hiking in rain forest, kayaking among iceberg and lots of fun ahead of us! Since this was our honeymoon we wanted to so something we would never forget and had booked a small boat cruise in Prince William Sound with the family run company Discovery Voyages. The boat only takes 12 passengers in addition to the crew, which consists of Captain Dean, two guides and a chef. We would not return to Whitter in 5 days and spend the nights anchored up somewhere in Prince William Sound.

Discovery Voyages Prince WIlliam Sound

Being a machinery engineer the first thing to check out is off course the engine room. All looking good!

When we depart from Whitter the Captain heads for Harriman Fjord and Cascade, Barry and Cox glaciers. This is the first stop on our boat trip and it is the first time I see a tidewater glacier! What an amazing sight! The blue colour of the glacier is amazing! We go slowly towards the glacier with large ice flakes surrounding the boat. The Captain stops the engine when we are just in front of the glacier and we can enjoy the silence and the view. The only thing that brakes the silence is the cracking and banging of ice calving off the glacier. On the ice flakes under the glacier there is a large colony of harbour seals. It feels like a scene from National Geographic. And the best thing is we are the only ones in the fjord, except from the seals that it. No signs of other people.

Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound

After admiring the glacier we head for shore in the inflatebale skiff Discovery carries – we are going for a beach walk at the foot of Cox glacier. It is still raining, but who cares – we are going ashore! Getting to the foot of the glacier you realise the size of it! The beach we landed on is called Black Beach due to having black sand and there was lots of large ice bergs on the beach. Prince William Sound

Captain Dean is pulling up the skiff.  

Prince William Sound

Beach walk on the black sand at the foot of Cox glacier.  

Prince William Sound

Checking out one of the stranded icebergs on the beach in front of Cox glacier.

After our beach walk we headed back to the skiff and back to Discovery that was waiting for us in the fjord. While we were having the most delicious halibut for dinner Captain Dean took the boat out Barry Arm and towards College Fjord where we anchored up in Coghill Bay for the night.

Prince William Sound

 Discovery is waiting for us in the fjord, seen through one of the ice bergs on Black Beach.

This post is part of the mini series from our Alaskan adventure, below is a map over the locations we visited in Prince William Sound. If you missed out on any of the previous posts check out ‘Our Alaska Adventure – Denali to Kenai’ for an overview.

Prince William Sound Map

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