Coaldale, Alberta How often do you have the chance to have a golden eagle on your shoulder! We got the opportunity to do just that this summer and it was pretty amazing!


We visited Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation. They take in injured birds of prey with the goal to rehabilitate them and release them to the wild again. It was an very rewarding visit – you get close up to bald eagles, golden eagles, owls and much more. The golden eagle above was named Lincoln. When we visited they also had the most adorable 4 days old baby owl in their center.

They have flying demonstration multiple times per day. This is how the birds get their daily exercise. It is fantastic to see these magnificent bird fly so close to you. And I got some great pictures!

Did you know bald eagles do not get their white head before their turn 4-5 years? The eagle in the flying demonstration below if a younger bald eagle.



After the flying demonstration we got the change to stroke and hold one of the golden eagles. This eagle is called Spirit and is blind and will never leave the centre. I was wondering if it would not be stressful for the bird to be stroked and hold by people, but the instructor informed that it was actually good for the eagle to get some interaction with humans as this kept the bird stimulated.


Someone even got a little wing action going! It was an amazing visit, and the admission fee keeps the facility running, together with all the duck food you can purchase to feed the local ducks! They where quite popular among the youngest! The centre is located about 2 hours south of Calgary – if you are close by I would highly recommend visiting.

Do you have an amazing bird encounter?


Thanks for visiting – you comments are much appreciated!

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