November is here and first snow has fallen. The mountain tops are white, but it has not been cold enough for the lakes to freeze over. This is a beautiful time in the Rockies.

Banff National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the world, but November is usually a more quiet month for tourism. To take advantage of the season we decided to bring our camera and spend the weekend in Banff.

Mt Rundle Banff National Park

Two Jack Lake is a favourite among photographers for capturing the sunrise.

At this time of the year the elk gather for their annual rut. It is a chance to get some photos of bugling elk. Since Banff townsite is in the middle of a National Park it is not uncommon to find large herds of elk at the outskirts of the town.

We found this herd of elk close to the hot spring Cave and Basin, which is the birth place of the park. Banff was the first national park in Canada and the third in North America, only beaten by Yellowstone and Mackinac National Park.

Elk Banff National Park

Elk Banff National Park

Driving Bow Valley Parkway offered some lovely scenes of red and green – it almost felt like Christmas! This spot is called Moose Meadows. The name relates back to the 50s when moose were common here, but you’ll likely not see one here today.

If you are planning on driving Bow Valley Parkway you should check out the awesome interactive map Friends of Banff National Park has pulled together.

Snow in Banff National Park

We didn’t see any wolves this time along the parkway. While scouting near the golf course a couple of coyotes crossed our path and observed us from a distance long enough to capture a few pictures before they disappeared into the trees.

Coyote Banff National Park

Lake Louise is usually the busiest place in Banff National Park so strolling along the lake only seeing a handful of other people was a treat. The lake itself with sparkling reflections in the water and snow-covered trees surrounding it was like winter wonderland. What a perfect transition into winter!

Lake Louise Banff National Park

Lake Louise Banff National Park

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