They bark, they smell and weight more than 1000 lb / 500 kg… I am off course talking about the Stellar Sea Lions.

After an active day of kayaking surrounded by icebergs and hiking in rainforest (yes, you can actually do both in Alaska!) the sea was calm and the sun was still shining. The Captain decided to take advantage of the excellent weather conditions and set course out into open waters in Prince William Sound. We were going to meet the sea lions hanging out on Axel Lind Island.


Prince William Sound Alaska

This watchful sea lion was paying attention as we came closer

I was surprised to learn the Stellar Sea Lions in Alaska received status as endangered/threatened for a period from 1990 after a significant drop in numbers. Today the populations seems to have stabilised. It was a lively bunch that met us this afternoon, with lots of barking and puffing.

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Prince William Sound Alaska

Prince William Sound Alaska

Prince William Sound Alaska

Well..not everyone was interested in all the hustle and bustle it seemed …

Prince William Sound Alaska

Before we headed into Eaglek Bay for the night we saw some transient Orcas (or Killer Whale if you prefer), it was the perfect ending of an exciting day.

Prince William Sound

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