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Who we are

Inger & Tor


So happy to see you visiting our blog – welcome!

We’re an outdoorsy couple that has recently discovered a love for photography – and we try to combine the two interests. Our blog is a combination of outdoor adventure and photography.

We love visiting new places and have been very lucky to experience some amazing locations.

Our honeymoon went to Alaska where we spent 6 days on a small boat trip in Prince William Sound. Another arctic destination of ours is Svalbard, a Norwegian group of islands in the Arctic Ocean, where we were so lucky to see the polar bear. We lived 4 years in Alberta, Canada – close to one of the most fantastic mountain ranges on earth – the Rocky Mountains. One of the most ‘out of this earth’ places we have been to is Yellowstone with all its magnificent colors and thermal features. Our next destination? We are hoping to make it to Antarctica one day…

Name of the blog? Inger was born at 69 degrees north and grew up far above the arctic circle – under the northern lights and midnight sun. Despite not having lived there for 10 years she still calls it home.

We would love to have your company so feel free to follow us!

90 thoughts on “Who we are

      1. Vi havde hørt, at multebær var Nordmændenes favorit bær. Da vi endelig stod ude i fjellet, forstod vi det ikke: De var sure! Men det var de røde vi spiste, ikke de gule; de modne 🙂
        Jeg glæder mig til at følge din blog.
        Mange gode hilsner,


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