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9 thoughts on “Does Kimberley have Canada’s best apfelstrudel?

  1. I can’t remember if we had the strudel there in Kimberley. But for certain we enjoyed our dinner at the German restaurant on the edge of town! My partner is German-Canadian and raised by a mother who did fine cooking meaning, techniques she was trained for fine pastries Old World style, etc., so we are particular in German cooking interpretations in North America.

    Have you been to Leavenworth? We enjoyed our time there. It truly is more “German” in spirit year round compared to Kimberley. Some pics:


    1. We fully agree the german restaurant the Old Bauernhaus has amazing food. Really enjoyed the atmosphere there as well. We haven’t been to Leavenworth, looking at your pictures it seems they have put a bit more into their german style:)


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