The Icefields Parkway, Alberta What do you do the rest of the winter when your husband has been playing to hard in the downhill slopes and ended up with a messed up knee? This was the case for us last winter and as part of the rehabilitation we started snowshoeing.

On a sunny, cold and crisp day we headed up to Bow Lake. We were so excited when we came across fresh animal tracks. Based on size and pattern we concluded (after a bit of googling) it had to be Lynx tracks. Hoping to see this elusive cat of the Rockies we followed the tracks all the way to the end of Bow Lake.

Winter Banff National Park

Snow covered lake and mountain Banff

Snow covered lake and glacier Banff

When we got to the end of the lake we had to turn back to the car again, while the tracks continued up towards the mountains and Bow glacier. But it was still a beautiful and exiting day following it’s tracks! A warm cup of tea back at the car was a welcome treat!

Lynx tracks on Bow Lake

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